We have opened our free E-TAXPAYER application which can be freely and easily reached from our website www.savaskonca.com by our taxpayers.


Our application is surprisingly profitable for you to understand the document's flow and it's structure. You must try this application to learn and understand the services and benefits which this application gives. All what you need is to type in your password and user name which they defined to your own company then press OK key.


This application allows to you access the documents bellowing:

    1. All notices and declarations,

  1. Your instant taxes and SGK debts,

  1. E-Foreclosures informations which they done administratively or by banks,

       4. Your non debteddocument,

     5. Your own company's balance sheet and income documents,

     6. Your company's commercial registry newspaper,

     7. Accounting fee payment shortcut by your credit card,

And alot of other profitable informations and documents by the shortest way.


  1. Keeping of official books according to the uniform order account plan and tax procedure law.
  2. Support services for e-billing and other applications. 3)Our declaration drafting services:

             -)Monthly value added tax declaration.

           -)Monthly added value tax declaration which submitted by  accountant.

             -)Monthly stamp duty declaration.

           -)Private consumption tax declaration.

           -)Monthly BA and BS forms.

           -)Monthly/3 months withholding declarations.

           -)3 months corporation provisional tax declaration.

           -)Annual corporation tax declaration and annexes.

-)Company partners personal rental income declaration( with extra pay).

-)Establishment of a accounting department in the entity's own premises, staff supply and system building services.


  1. Extradition requests from full exceptions.
  2. Refund requests due to discounted subject transactions.
  3. Refund claims arising from sub - contracting operations.


  1. Financial advisory.
  2. The consultancy of tax legislation applications and tax planning.
  3. Tax audit and revision.
  4. Certified public accountant certification services.
  5. Preparation and analysis of financial reports.
  6. Corporation tax declaration certification service.
  7. Transfer pricing consultancy service.
  8. Consultancy services about tax dispute cases.
  9. Consultancy services about companies laws.
  10. Foreign exchange legislation consultancy.
  11. Foreign capital legislation consultancy.
  12. Free zone legislation consultancy.
  13. Personal taxes consultancy.
  14. İncentives, reductions, exceptions and transactions related to exemptions.
  15. Determination reports of capital increase.
  16. Public Site management financial counseling and forecasting and deviation budget determination.


  1. Company establishment procedures.

  1. Company partitioning and consolidation operations.

  1. Company type change transactions.

  • Personal company to limited company
  • Personal company to joint- stock company
  • Limited company to joint- stock company
  • Joint- stock company to limited company
  1. Personal company closing operations.

  1. Company closing transactions (clearing operations)

  1. Capacity report appeal (chamber of Commerce or Chamber of Industry)


  1. For company's foreigns partners:

  • Residence permit
  • Work permit

  1. Companies under the travel agency names:

A, B, C, Type travel agency certification document

-)A type travel agencies: which they presents all travel agencies services(unlimited)

-)B type travel agencies: which they only sell the tickets of international travel tours which have been organized by A type travel agencies.

-)C type travel agencies: only arranges domestic tours for Turkish citizens.

Also B and C type agencies fulfills the services provided by travel agencies and advertises, markets or sells the products of these agencies.

  1. obtaining a municipal working license.

Savas Konca Financial Consultancy & Audit Services have the objective to serve you at our best

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